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Exclusive Interview with FIGHT for AZHCXX – Celebrating 20 Years of Hardcore

August 2, 2016 in Events, Front Page by AZHCJ Admin

DJ FIGHT @ AZHC XX - Celebrating 20 Years of Hardcore

Hailing from France, FIGHT is here to show you what INSANE really means! He has played all over Europe and is in involved in some of the biggest hardcore festivals in Europe. FIGHT will bring and INSANE ending to AZHCXX – Celebrating 20 Years of Hardcore. 

What’s your favorite track or mix, you’ve ever created?
It’s one of the very first set I ever recorded with vinyl with some of my favorite home records. I can send it to you on request.

And one made live in the best beachclub of Poland at Sopot at the Sfinx700 on a Funktion One sound system with CDJ’s for a party who was called THE SCORE OF HARDCORE with artists like Delta 9, Tymon, Matt Green & Moleculez

Describe your musical style in two words

If you could collaborate with people in the studio who are not in your genre who would it be?
Chuck Norris (French humor!)…Quincy Jones, Moby, Pharell Williams, Luca – Digital Boy, Kraftwerk, BB King, Jean Michel Jarre, Miles Davis, Jamiroquai, Supernatural, Mobb Deep & so much more…

Where were you 20 years ago?
Drinking red wine, eating bread & cheese in beautiful France.

What can we expect from your set at AZHCXX?
A fat & fast emotional hardcore closing-act played CD from Industrial to Up-tempo including exclusive tracks never released and an exclusive track-listing for this special occasion.

Future plans? New releases, mixes, etc? Where can we find you? Shout outs?
I am still running my booking agency and providing artists for parties and festivals.

I am still organizing events in Europe, making artistic directions for organizations, lobbying ;)

I actually did started an album and 2 tracks are finished already. I take my time with this project as I only want to produce when I feel inspired and not forcing me to produce for making tracks that wouldn’t make sense for me. I do already have a a very bright view of how the all album has to sound like.

I am also soon actually closing my #WorldWarTour 2016 consisting of 17 international dates so far:

Dj Fight World War Tour


06/02 @ Teknomad – Rouen – France [CLOSING ACT]

26/02 @ Angerfist in Lyon – France [CLOSING ACT]

18/03 @ Darkzone Festival in Lyon – France

19/03 @ Machinecore in Göteborg – Sweden [CLOSING ACT]

15/04 @ Helsinki – Finland [CLOSING ACT] Postponed

23/04 @ Warsaw – Poland [CLOSING ACT]

06/05 @ Friedlich Feiern – Berlin – Germany

07/05 @ Trash N Core – Berlin – Germany

03/06 @ Praha – Czech Republic

04/06 @ Bratislava – Slovakia

18/06 @ Amsterdam – Netherlands [CLOSING ACT]

24/06 @ Bordeaux – France

18/06 @ Sofia – Bulgaria [CLOSING ACT] Postponed

13/07 @ Betune – France

28/08 @ Cuntfield Festival in Liverpool – England

09/09 @ Phoenix – Arizona – USA [CLOSING ACT]

15/10 @ Immortal – Antwerpen – Belgium

What is the meaning of this WORLD WAR TOUR DJ FIGHT and this booking in America?
In a world where artists can now only live from bookings but not from the royalties of their music anymore. Where vinyles, cds and even dvd s are almost not existing anymore for several music styles because people prefer to listen to it on youtube or download it on russian servers (will accepting to daily pay 6€ for a gross Starbuck coffee or pack of cigarettes).

In a world where festivals do not hire any real artistic directors and now book artists because of their hype and popularity on social networks and not because of the quality of their music (because they want what they call TICKET-Sellers artists only).

In a world where a huge percent of pseudo-artists are ghost-produced and buy their tracks instead of producing themselves.

In a world where the most popular international dj magazine is corrupting by selling the positions of his famous ranking to labels and agencies who can afford it.

In a world where some people spit on new styles, without even having ever listened to it before judging.

In a world where line ups are always the same but still attract people until the scene crashes again because of no originality (would you like to watch your favorite movie EVERY weekend? Or eat in the same restaurant EVERY week end?)

In a world where some wanna-be artists now behave like politicians more than ever and betray their own friends musician, partners & managers…

In a world where some 20 years old kids can play mainstage of all greatest worldwide events without having ever produced or ever practiced their skills for years because their agencies bought them 100 000 likes, can take up to 80% commission over their booking fee, marketing them like cars for sale and ending up manipulating them like muppets until the hype is gone…and starting with someone else…

In a world where turntables now can beatmatch (synchronise 2 tracks) for you automatically without you having to really learn how to do it before playing on a festival mainstage.

In a world where Industrial Hardcore is now called Uptempo, well…it is the same style which was considered so unpopular before but now just produced and/or played faster (sorry, this one is very personal).

In a world where some booking agencies now ask the double of the price for the same artists performances from one day to an other (even to their best loyal costumers) and artists loosing control of their own career because signed at the wrong agencies sometimes…

In a world where even my 87 years old grandma could mix with Traktor and make a buzz on the internet.

In a world where some millionars festivals owners are proposing to artists to play for almost no money, while pretexting that without the exposure they can give them, they will never become big…and one week after their sold out events, they are extending their mansions, buying a Jaguar to their wives and flying for a month of holidays in their second villa in Ibiza.

It is now time to stand up for music and to bring respect & justice in the industry.

Creating an artist page on Facebook is one easy thing, but using your ears and being an artist is another….

It is all about music & will always be about music…and certainly not about using music to make the maximum of profit or to become famous at any costs because you got something to prove to yourself and/or the rest of the world!

At least, it is my opinion after more than a decade of working in this industry…if you agree with this, you can always share on your timeline for people to know what is really going on.

The world is Insane…

I wish good luck in their project to all Dj’s & producers from all around the world!


You can find FIGHT on Facebook.  FIGHT is the owner of “Insane Bookings Agency“. He ‘s the exclusive manager of several Hardcore pioneers such as Delta 9, Laurent Ho , Mark N, The Horrorist and more…but also of the young generation invading your parties worldwide.

Exclusive Interview with Deadnoise for AZHCXX – Celebrating 20 Years of Hardcore

July 31, 2016 in Events, Front Page by AZHCJ Admin

Deadnoise @ AZHCXX - Celebrating 20 years of Hardcore


Deadnoise has played classical piano for over 30 years, in addition to producing and djing for over 20 years. This Arizona legend has performed all around the globe during his musical career. Deadnoise took his sounds to Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and traveled to multiple cities in the US. We are stoked to have this O.G performing at AZHCXX – Celebrating 20 years of Hardcore!

What’s your favorite track or mix, you’ve ever created?
I am proud of “Sinistrum” mix since it was a mix of darker material. I also really liked the mix I did for 88.9fm KUCI called “Shit Hemorrhage”. It is a bit of a toss up but in the end I guess it would be “Sinistrum”. When it comes to tracks I made I can only think of three or four tracks and those would be “Suspiria” on APOC05, a track I did with Fiend called “Arrogant” on N.E. Tunes 002, another collaboration track I made With Tense called “No Name”, and an unreleased track that some people have heard called “Cyklops”. You can check out a few mixes and tracks I have online by going to

Describe your musical style in two words:
Variety Hour

If you could collaborate with 3 people in the studio who are not in your genre who would it be?
J.S. Bach, W.A.Mozart, and Prokofiev

Where were you 20 years ago?
In 1996 I was still working on getting good records. I started by sending letters along with mixtapes to record labels asking for any help they could give me and nine times out of ten I would get a box of records. I was on the phone almost everyday with Mad Dog in Paris , Underground Music in the UK and Sound Base in Germany. I was also working on my mixes and getting ready to play my first party in Tucson called “Nebula”.

What can we expect from your set at AZHCXX?
This is what I intend to play but of course that could change. Older hardcore from labels like Hell Razor, Generator, Monotone, GTI, Storm, Rave Records, Outcast clan, 80 Aum, and of course some of the mid to late 90′s hardcore from labels like Epiteth, Bass2, Brutal Chud, Fischkof, KAK-A, Kill The Rest, NAPALM, and Hangers Liquides.

Future plans? New releases, mixes, etc? Where can we find you? Shout outs?
I might release some new mixes and maybe take bookings here in AZ. I haven’t worked on any new music for a few years now and with my work schedule, it is very hard to start something new and see it through. You can find me on Facebook and Soundcloud. I am not big on the shout out thing so the only thing I will say is “Hello” and “Eat at Shitters”. Those who know me will get it.

Exclusive Interview with Fiend for AZHCXX – Celebrating 20 Years of Hardcore

July 18, 2016 in Events, Front Page by AZHCJ Admin

Fiend @ AZHCXX














Fiend has been producing the hardcore sounds since 1996 and represents American hardcore in only a way he can! From breakcore, to gabber, techno and even dnb he knows no limits. This California native has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, including…Delta 9, Broken Rules, Akira and many more. You can find Fiend’s releases on Hong Kong Violence, PRSPCT XTRM, Devil Times Nine, Industrial Strength Records and other prestigious labels. His performance at AZHCXX – Celebrating 20 years of hardcore will be a treat for your eardrums!

What’s your favorite track or mix, you’ve ever created?
Fiend – AKA Abnormalities – Fucked Up Hardcore Acid Set

Describe your musical style in two words
Underground hardcore.

If you could collaborate with 3 people in the studio who are not in your genre who would it be?
Phillip glass, Kevin key, danny elfman.

Where were you 20 years ago?
I was a junior in high school, riding my skateboard most of the time, playing records with my friends, watching tales from the crypt and Mr show all the time. Eating pizza and trying to figure out how to make music :)

What can we expect from your set at AZHCXX?
Top hits from the 90′s underground hardcore scene from labels such as storm records, rage records, surgeon 16, industrial strength, kill out, trackless, bloody fist, praxis , epiteth, etc..etc…

I know everyone will most likely be playing on cds with high quality tracks, so I figure someone has to represent the lo fi scene. So many great tracks at 200 bpm that I have. Plus, listening to skull blower on a loud system from vinyl is just fucking rad!

Gotta have variety at these gigs :)

Future plans? New releases, mixes, etc? Where can we find you? Shout outs?
Ya always planning for the future music wise, I’m always buying tons of records to record new mixes, as for releases I’m not sure how that will go, probably just put stuff up for free on bandcamp or soundcloud, my music doesn’t flow with the new label politics. The only thing I have label wise up in the air at the moment is with Bryan fury for pacemaker, which is cool.

Other than that I will pop up here and there when I feel like it hehe. mostly i like to make lots of music and wait a very long time before I put it up anywhere. I think it’s fun. Since I don’t depend on bookings for money or attention I have alot more time to relax and enjoy designing and recording tracks for my own pleasure ;) and in my spare time I work with my friends that live close to me, I like to teach software tricks and all sorts of cool music shit that I’ve learned over the years. And eat pizza!

As for shouts there is too many to name so just gonna say respect to everyone that is down for the underground. :)

Exclusive Interview with CAP for AZHCXX – Celebrating 20 Years of Hardcore

July 13, 2016 in Cap, Events, Front Page by AZHCJ Admin


















Cap is a guy who started playing hardcore because of Cik’s Nocturnal Wonderland mix. Soon he decided that hardcore would be this thang. In the years to come, he mastered his dj skills and went balls-deep into production. Cap went from football jock to an incredibly innovative producer and shows no signs of slowing down. His original and remixed tracks have been featured on labels: Industrial Strength, Important Corestyle, Hard Kryptic Records, No Sleep Till Bedtime, Dark Like Hell & Six Feet Underground. Cap’s set at AZHCXX with F.I.D is not to be missed! 

What’s your favorite track or mix, you’ve ever created?
Uhhh, I’ll do both…just to be that guy. Favorite track I’ve done so far is unreleased and called “I Have No Friends”. It’s a mock track of that whole “We Are Your Friends” 128BPM movie garbage.

As far as mixes, I haven’t made a mix in a long long time, but “Life At The Morgue” is a classic in my mind because it fills out my ideal set – going from a more techno sound to industrial to a heavier DNB sound.

Describe your musical style in two words.
Always changing.

If you could collaborate with 3 people in the studio who are not in your genre who would it be?
Huoratron – This dude is a beast when it comes to making grimier sounds and yet keeping dancefloor appeal and also not afraid to travel off the beaten path.

Mord Fustang – His sound design and melodies are on point all day every day.

Pharrell Williams – Pretty much writes every song you hear on the radio.

Where were you 20 years ago?
I was 11, playing peewee football, and I think I was just starting out Catholic school.

Future plans? New releases, mixes, etc? Where can we find you? Shout outs?
Ahhhhhh, future plans. Right now trying to get tracks released. More news on that TBA. Gonna try to have a fresh stream of tracks always coming out. Gotta get to Dominator and Defqon somehow. I desperately need to make a new mix but don’t be surprised if a live streaming mix show pops out of the works. You can find me on such prestigious platforms as:


Shout out to Cik, Kore, and FID for always being the rock of AZHC, as well as inspiration and mentors. Shout out to the new guys in the crew. Hopefully you guys end up being the best.

Pokemon trainers on your block – I kid, I kid. Shout out to those who support us and help out for the love of the core. And last but not least, shout out to the promoters that book me. Peace.

Exclusive Interview with F.I.D for AZHCXX – Celebrating 20 Years of Hardcore

July 12, 2016 in Events, Forsaken Is Dead, Front Page by AZHCJ Admin

















We recently had a few moments to chat with F.ID and ask some really hard-hitting questions about what he’s been up to lately. You can catch him live at AZHCXX – Celebrating 20 Years of Hardcore, this September 9th alongside CAP.  F.I.D has been a long-standing and respected member of the Arizona Hardcore Junkies for years. We are thrilled to have him on board for this special event!  His impressive musical catalog includes releases on Industrial Strength, Meta4, Hard Kryptic Records, Important Corestyle, USR, Six Feet Underground Records and many more. Don’t miss the Dead Man at AZHCXX!!

What’s your favorite track or mix, you’ve ever created?
This question is impossible, I spent 30 minutes trying to narrow it down from 5 or 6 tracks and I couldn’t decide. For now, I’ll just say the first tracked that popped into my head, “FID & Cap – Pulling Strings (FID mix).

Describe your musical style in two words. 
These days I think it would be “anything goes”.

If you could collaborate with 3 people in the studio who are not in your genre, who would it be?
Donny/ The girl from Naked & Famous/ Mega Ran

Where were you 20 years ago?
High school? So, probably skateboarding around listening to Wu-Tang Clan. If I only had a skateboard it would be like nothing changed.

What can we expect from your set at AZHCXX?
If things go well, a bunch of new never before heard music. If not, I might just show up with a bag full of records and complain that there are no turntables.

Future plans? New releases, mixes, etc? Where can we find you?
Finally make some new music, maybe release it somewhere. No mixes anytime soon. You can find me on Twitter @forsakenisdead anywhere else isn’t me. Shout out to Cik, Cap, Kore and the rest of the AZHC family for holding it down all these years. Also on the last few releases I had I tried to change my name, but nobody noticed. So this will be the one time I say it publicly, F.I.D. or David F.I.D. is fine. Forsaken is Dead is too long and I got tired of typing it out. Best reason to “change” an artist name ever I think.

Tickets for AZHCXX – Celebrating 20 Years of Hardcore are on sale NOW!